Smart Brewer Revisions

Formal Revision Log. -Andy

  • 12/4/17- Dumped old "lists", dumped ingredients folder hierachy. Fixed logon so it works. -AJK
  • 12/4/17- Wow, a little lapse there, moving everything to an easier to use format. -AJK
  • 9/26/10 - Changed "My Ingredients" to "My Inventory" to better reflect the inventory people are keeping. -AJK
  • 9/25/10 - Fixed the printing style sheets, printing should work better now. -AJK
  • 9/10/10 - Re-installed the Forums section of Smart Brewer. -AJK
  • 9/7/10 -I've updated so it's more user friendly (sorry, it's been awhile).
    1). I've revised and cleaned up the drop downs when adding a recipe. It's now more straight forward when adding a recipe.
    2). Created columns for both the "fermentables" and the "hops" sections of a recipe so it's very clear regarding different amounts.
    3). Made it easier to copy a recipe to a user account. This was broken before
    4). Cleaned up duplicates in the fermentable database, this makes adding/modifying a recipe much easier.
    5). Fixed the fermentable drop down to retain when adding a recipe.
  • 01/29/10 - Fixed the "My Ingredients" section so add/deleting and modifying will now work correctly. -AJK
  • 11/2/09 - Built the list function so users can subscribe here
  • 11/1/09 - Fixed the "My Recipes" so recipes can be transferred from "Smart Brewer Recipes" to "My Recipes" and back. Updated "My Recipes" so the "Description" field works correctly with odd characters (@#$%^&"').
  • 6/19/09 - I finally moved Smart Brewer's hosting to Dreamhost Hosting. I had to dig up the old backups from my Midphase Hosting (which, by the way, were terrible). Hopefully I won't have as many issues with EXTREME lag time and exploits from other shared domains on the server. All database tables and menus had to be moved, many of the paths also needed to be updated. I signed up for a full two years, hopefully I can have something really worthwhile in 2 years.
  • 4/23/09 - Renamed "Votes" to "Ratings". I've integrated ratings with a reviews so people can see why a particular recipe was voted high or low. This approach is similar to TripAdvisor, if there is no explanation an arbitrary vote doesn't help someone out too much. A user can review a recipe as many times as they want however they can only have one vote.
  • 4/15/09 - Renewed Midphase hosting for another year.
  • 4/6/09 - Revised the SRM function to accept a maximum of 40 SRM for each Grain. Using the Morey's equation this seems to work pretty well. Of course, the only way to accurately measure darkness is with a spectrometer. Like the other calculations this is more of an estimate than a guide. Dark Malts produce darkness at levels far greater than lighter malts in comparison. For example: take 1/2 ounce of Chocolate Malt at 200 SRM and compare it to a Crystal 40L Malt (40 SRM); the darkness each grain contributes to the beer are VERY difficult to estimate, they are not linear nor are is there a definitive power that can accurately guess the change each beer contributes.
  • 4/5/09 - Built the SRM function within recipedetails.php. Refined the title for all recipes and ingredients to be more informative. Example: When a user clicks on ANY recipe they'll see "Return to India Pale Ales" instead of just a "Return to Recipes". This is more intuitive because people will want to dig down and not start a search all over again each time they view a recipe.
  • 3/30/09 - Fixed recipedetails.php to add fermentable ID's and reference the ID's instead of fermentable names. This makes it significantly easier to modify ingredients and instantly update the recipes already out there. Added code to refuse deletion of fermentables if that fermentable is being used in a user recipe or in the main recipes. Added "Description" to recipes.
  • 3/25/09 - Cleaned up the login and logoff function so a user can logon anywhere on the site without being redirected to the homepage. Added "Type" and "Order By" to the advanced Search so users can find what they're looking for quicker. Carriage Returns are also displayed correctly when viewing recipes now, there was a problem with the mash ans general instructions not transferring line feed. Finally, fixed a problem with some javascript related to autocompletion in recipedetails.php and made Fermentable validation a requirement for both addition and modification of "Fermentables".
  • 3/23/09 - Re-wrote the "Source" section, it is now referred to as "Reference". Each recipe now has "author", "weblink" and "Other Reference". Users posting and viewing recipes should now be able to find the original source. This is a lot cleaner, people will not need to type web link markup to enter a hot link.
  • 3/19/09 - Built the IBU function to estimate IBUs for any recipe. This required adding a new column to the recipes and user recipes tables. The column "hopaau" includes an array of all hops from a given recipes. The function than calculates the IBU's based on some simple math from Ray Daniels. I also created some nifty drop downs for "Smart Brewer OG", "Smart Brewer IBUs" and "Smart Brewer Efficiency" on the recipe details page.
  • 3/18/09 - Decided that the paragraph in the recipe details section was too messy. I think I'll make the links popup with some clean CSS if a user doesn't know what "Smart Brewer Efficiency" of "Smart Brewer OG" are. There's a lot of information on a single page and making it wordy will just confuse people. I also built a "recipecat" css to include various sub-categories to help the user understand the main category they are in. I also noticed a problem with user's recipe with the Smart Brewer OG and efficiencies.
  • 3/17/09 - Saint Patrick's Day!!! I finally built the master "Waters" table to store various Water Profiles from around the world. Unlike the the fermentables, yeasts and hops tables I built in "createdon", "createdby", "updatedon" and "updatedby" to track changes. I've also added some validation so multiple water profiles with the same name cannot be added. Unfortunately only users with the "Ingredient_Admin" permission can add to the new Water Profile table. This should help prevent false data from being posted. Finally I added a "weblink" and "source" column for each Water Profile.
  • 3/16/09 - To make the recipe more friendly to the novice brewer I embedded the calculated statistics into a paragraph. So, instead of just "Calculated OG" and "Calculated Efficiency" users will see the following message: "According to the fermentables displayed Smart Brewer estimates the Calculated Original Gravity should be about 1.059 and the Efficiency necessary to achieve this recipe should be about 68%." Hopefully most users will understand that the Calculated numbers are just numbers produced by Smart Brewer and are not part of the recipe.
  • 3/12/09 - Adjusted the "Mash Scheduler" so the margins flow correctly and fixed "General Instructions" in in recipedetails.php so the entered data is not lost if validation fails, see "Smart Brewer > Recipes > Add a Recipe". Added a stripslashes() function to the name so recipe names won't inadvertently become "Andy\\\'s", just "Andy's".
  • 3/11/09 - Added the revision log, modified "grains and extracts" to "fermentables". This seems much more intuitive because grains and extracts do not encompass all fermentables. Revised the homepage to be a little more helpful at "Smart Brewer > Home". Added revisions.php to the footer of every page so it's easily accessible.
  • 3/10/09 - Fixed a bug in "recipedetails.php" with the ounces entered under fermentables. The bug was creating multiplied numbers after a failed validation. If someone entered "8" the bug would produce "88" and than "888" and so on. Also added validation for fermentables when a user submits a recipe. Only fermentables that exist in Smart Brewer can be entered.
  • 3/9/09 - Updated Forum to 3.0.4 from 3.0.1 and required ALL users to validate through email BEFORE posting on forum to prevent spam.
  • 3/5/09 - Header is fixed on the "Water Lost During Brew" page. Grains and Hops are now not required when a mead type is selected. The Mash Instructions and General Instructions are now no longer a requirement for any recipe submitted. Also, the "Mash Instructions" will dissapear if someone attempts to submit a Mead. Added an "Other" for recipe type.
  • 3/5/09 - Added comment section for all recipes. Added new icons to login/update/modify recipes. Revised advanced search. Fixed profile so user can change their username
  • 2/24/09 - Created Efficiency Conversion Tool
  • 2/23/09 - Created Recipe Size Conversion Tool
  • 2/22/09 - Added "Notes" to Grain field when adding recipes. Added "Notes" to Yeast field when adding recipes. Setup "mash instructions" and "general instructions" to only display if there is data. Tightened overal recipe display so more data can fit on a single page. Added "created on" and "last logon" to user registration. Fixed "add" and "Update" for specific recipes. Fixed adjunct notes section on recipe add. Fixed broken hop display.
  • 2/18/09 - Updated the adjunct drop down and allowed registered users to add recipes.