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Yeast Name Vendor Style Vendor Serial    
Abbey AleWhite LabsAleWLP530
American AleWyeastAle1056
American Ale IIWyeastAle1272
American Hefeweizen AleWhite LabsAleWLP320
American LagerWhite LabsLagerWLP840
American LagerWyeastLager2035
American WheatWyeastAle1010
Antwerp Ale YeastWhite LabsAleWLP515
Australian Ale YeastWhite LabsAleWLP009
Bavarian LagerWyeastLager2206
Bavarian WheatWyeastAle3638
Belgian AleWyeastAle1214
Belgian Golden AleWhite LabsAleWLP570
Belgian Lambic BlendWyeastLambic3278
Belgian Saison II Yeast White LabsAleWLP566
Belgian WitbierWyeastAle3944
Bohemian LagerWyeastLager2124
Brettanomyces bruxellensisWyeastLambic5112
British AleWyeastAle1098
British Ale YeastWhite LabsAleWLP005
British Cask Ale YeastWyeastAle1026
Budvar LagerWyeastLager2000
California AleWhite LabsAleWLP001
California LagerWyeastLager2112
Coopers Ale YeastCoopersAlen/a
Cotes du Rhone?WineD-47
Cry Havoc White LabsAleWLP862
Czech PilsWyeastLager2278
Danish LagerWyeastLager2042
Dry Ale YeastSafaleAleS-05
Dry English AleWhite LabsAleWLP007
East Coast Ale Yeast White LabsAleWLP008
Edinburgh AleWhite LabsAleWLP028
English Ale YeastWhite LabsAleWLP002
European Ale WyeastAle1338
German AleWyeastAle1007
German Ale Yeast II White LabsAleWLP003
German Ale/ Kölsch YeastWhite LabsAleWLP029
German LagerWhite LabsLagerWLP838
Hefeweizen IV Ale Yeast White LabsAleWLP380
Imperial BlendWyeastAle9093-PC
Irish AleWyeastAle1084
Irish Ale Yeast White LabsAleWLP004
Lager YeastWhite LabsLagerWLP800
Lager YeastSafaleLagerS-23
Lallemand Nottingham Ale?Alen/a
London AleWhite LabsAleWLP013
London AleWyeastAle1028
London Ale IIIWyeastAle1318
Mexican Lager YeastWhite LabsLagerWLP940
Northwest AleWyeastAle1332
Pilsen LagerWyeastLager2007
Pilsner LagerWhite LabsLagerWLP800
Ringwood AleWyeastAle1187
Roselare Belgian BlendWyeastAle3763
SafAle English AleDCL YEASTAleS-04
Saison Ale YeastWhite LabsAleWLP565
San Francisco LagerWhite LabsLagerWLP810
Scottish AleWyeastAle1728
Sudwerk Lager?Lagern/a
Thames Valley AleWyeastAle1275
Trappist AleWhite LabsAleWLP 500
Trappist High GravityWhite LabsAleWLP 3787
Trappist High GravityWhite LabsAleWLP3787
Urquell LagerWyeastLager2001
Whitbread AleWyeastAle1099
White Labs American Ale BlendWhite LabsAleWLP060