1″ NPS Locknut Fused with 2″ Ferrule – Custom Part

Hello All,

I’ll have a more elaborate blog later this week with some closeups on the RIMS tube (aka TTHL: tube that heats liquid).

:o )

Today I added a custom part to Smart Brewer for users who want to build their own custom heating tubes. This is a hard to find part (as in non existent on the web).

This little doo-dad lets you add an end piece to your RIMS tube.  The NPS threading is specific to standard US water heater elements.

Note: “NPS” threadings should not be confused with “NPT” threadings that are common to 1/2″ brewing thermometers and the threading on the standard March 809 pump.



Here’s the link to buy one:



And here some pictures (click images to enlarge):



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