New THHL (RIMS) Tubes on Brew System :o)

Hello All,

So I completed my RIMS tubes for the Smart Brewer Brew System!!!  A RIMS tube is a “RECIRCULATING INFUSION MASH SYSTEM”.  The name is a complete stretch to make an acronym sound cool but this is what everyone calls them in the brewing world. I’ve basically created two tube that heats liquid so I think I’ll go with a better acronym: THHL (TUBE THAT HEATS LIQUID).  Makes more sense.

Anyway,  on one end is a thermometer probe and on the other end is a hot water heating element.  The advantage is that you can control your temperature and recirculate your mash or sparge tank easily.  In an ideal environment you dial in the temperature and walk away because your Sparge (also called Hot Liquor Tank or HLT) and Mash are controlled by your system.

So, here’s what I have (click image to enlarge).  The THHL tubes are parallel to the ground (I also made some stainless vertical tubes today as well.



The THHL’s also have an inlet and an outlet and are terminated by a hot water heating element (left) and a thermowell on the right.  A thermowell is basically a stainless tube about 1/2 inch in diameter that is terminated on one end.  This is where you would add your temperature probe.

All I have now is the control box!!!


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