Smart Brewer Hop Database Restored

I’ve added the “Hop Database” to “Brewing Tools” on Smart Brewer.  This is a great resource when looking for hop varieties similar to what a recipe might call for.

From what I’ve seen this is the most exhaustive and accurate hop database I can find on the web!!!



Added “Recipes” back to the site

Under “Brewing Tools” I’ve started to add the parts of the old website to the new. This includes “Recipes”, “Yeasts”,  “Fermentables”, etc.

The purpose of SmartBrewer going back about a year ago was to provide a collaborative online tool for the avid home brewer to share recipes and tricks they learn along the way. I built a relational database that could store a users “ingredients” list and then cross reference the ingredient list with the recipes on smart brewer.  This took me a VERY LONG TIME but I was never able to get interest in the software.  I guess most people just want to print a recipe and go? I also realized that it’s much better to charge people for something then to offer it for free.  This give the user an incentive to actually use the tool they purchased (even if it was for $10).

I also discovered that people just want information without the “sharing” part.  This is fine, and I plan to make the site as easy to use as possible.  Everything on the old site will be under “Brewing Tools”.

I hope the format is easier to read and find info. I’m sort of puzzled at how I can get 500 unique visitors a a month with the average user visiting for 3-4 minutes with no feedback.

Guess I have to ask?


Sacramento Beer Week: February 25th – March 6th

Here’s the events list:

A friend of mine (David Teckam, Master Beer Judge) also forwarded this flier on “Beer Judging 101


Discovery Documentary on Beer

This is the full episode, very interesting:

New Prices on Valves

Hello Home Brewers,

I’ve located a supplier for 1/2″ 316 Stainless Steel Valves.  Both threaded and threadless.

I think these prices are hard to beat!!!

1/2″ 2-Way 3-Piece Threaded Ball Valve 316 SS

Smart Brewer Sketchup

Wow, Google Sketchup is really cool!!

To better illustrate or modify designs this is the way to go!!

Here’s a rough sketch of the current brew frame.


Smart Brewer System Progress

Got a lot done today on the Smart Brewer system.  Unfortunately I won’t be able to brew for at least another week!!!

The most time consuming part was re-thinking the flow of the mash tank and the sparge tanks (the two tanks on the right).  I also discovered that it’s important that all the valves be easily accessible  (i.e. placed in the front) and to do that I had to lower the cross beam supporting the pumps so all five valves face the operator of the system (this is now the third time I’ve moved the pumps!!!).

The pumps flow from the bottom up and there will be  a “Tee” built in so the kettle (far left) can join into the loop for the center tank.

Here’s a picture illustrating the flow of the system.  Note the two stainless pipes on the floor, these will be the heating tubes for the “MASH” and “SPARGE” tanks on the right.

Good Buy on Sanitary Pump

Thought I’d share, these are easily $2,000 new:

Latest Update on Smart Brewer System

It’s a Wednesday so I didn’t have much time but I did manage to measure and tack weld the cross beams today (the beams circled in red).

I also noticed that the structure is not completely symmetrical.  The top frame is 60 inches by 20 inches on top but when I add the cross beams I created THREE rectangles that measure 18 inches x 17 inches.

Can’t really turn back now but the next system will have a frame 60 inches x 23 inches so the squares in the center will all measure 18×18.

(Note: The beams are 1.5″ Stainless Steel. This thing is probably strong enough to park a car on)


Walgreens 1901

Need I say more?