New Smart Brewer Layout

The “Tools” and “Recipes” are still part of the homepage.  Just trying to make the site easier to read and use.

USPS Auto Calculated Shipping!!

Wow, the tools on the internet are incredible.  Not only can SmartBrewer auto generate shipping costs but it will give various options to anyone buying online.

Now anyone ordering an item will get accurate shipping amounts instantly!!

Way Cool!!

No More Blogger, New Page Layout

Hello All,

So I got tired of the old layout.  It just wasn’t drawing the amount of people I was hoping to gain from having a database of online recipes.  Maybe the idea was to complicated?  Maybe I didn’t work on the software enough?

Oh well, I think it’s time to move on to more interesting things.  I enjoy fabricating brewery equipment and I enjoy welding so I re-wrote the site and threw together a shopping cart.  I hope everyone likes what they see. is really a bunch of ideas floating around in my  head.  It is not everything for everyone.

Let me know what you think!


The TSS2 Love Controller

Note: You can purchase the controller described in this article here.

Today I “discovered” how to use my two TSS2 dual control Temperature Controllers. I use the term “discovered” because the instructions are Engineering garble and lack any sort of intuitive approach.

I plan to use these for controlling an electric element or a gas solenoid valve for heating and controlling the temp on my sparge and mash.

So here it is in plain English:

The device can handle TWO temperature probes and control TWO devices (i.e. turn them on and off). The probes are “sd1″ and “sd2″ and the devices are “out1″ and “out2″. Pretty Simple.

Here’s the proper connection of a SINGLE temperature probe (the two solid black cable to the right are for power, the two wires on the left are for the temp. probe.).

PLEASE NOTE: The unit will almost immediately start beeping because it does not see the second probe. You will see “errP” and “ooo” on the screen. The Device is trying to say “Device is Missing 2nd Probe so I will beep like a fire alarm forever”.

Note: You can temporarily turn the beeping off by simultaneously pressing “set” and the “down” arrow. This only stops the sound, not the irritating blinking

Ok, so how to turn the blinking and the annoying beeping off for good:

Step 1: Hold the “set” button continously for 8 seconds
Step 2: Use the up arrow until you see “P5″
Step 3: The default it 2, change this to 1
Step 4: Wait 60 seconds for the device to exit program mode

You should now have a controller that is not beeping and seeing probe one. If you want to use two temp. probes the “P5″ obviously needs to be set to “2″

Here’s my working controllers (brrr, cold garage)

New Smart Brewer Frame!!