Goodbye Old Blog!!

Why have two blogs? Does anyone even know that I have two blogs?

This blog ( is the only blog from here on out.

I’ve deleted

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Going Back to the Basics








So, sometimes ideas are not so great.  Sometimes ideas don’t pan out the way people think they might pan out. Or, maybe I just didn’t put the time and effort into the site I needed to.


I’m referring to the SmartBrewer store of course. I just don’t have time to sell stuff online and with 3 items sold in about 6 months it’s just not worth the time and energy.


So, I’m going to can the whole shopping cart and go back to my brewing database. I’m also going to change how people can upload recipes.  Simple is better and I think the ability to upload documents with a short description will be more useful than requiring a person to enter every last ingredient for each beer recipe.


I also don’t think people have the attention span to learn complicated things on the internet.


So, good by Store!!!



Discovery Documentary on Beer

This is the full episode, very interesting:

Walgreens 1901

Need I say more?

Lucky Baldwins to Open New Location (Pasadena, CA)

Interesting article on Lucky Baldwins in Pasadena, CA. David Farnworth is one resilient character.

I’ve been to the pub in Old Town Pasadena. This is a great bar and they have an outstanding selection of Belgian Ales and IPA’s. David Farnworth and Peggy Simonian are the co-owners.


(My favorite beer here is the Pliny de Younger)

Cantillion’s “Mamouche”

Cantillion is probably one of the most unique breweries on the planet (and most unique beers too).  They’re located in Brussels for those unfamiliar.

Anyway, for those interested in the Kriek and Gueze styles there’s a new beer coming to the U.S.:

I discovered this one from here:

Keg vs. Cask

For those unfamiliar, a cask is “unfiltered and unpasteurized” in a barrel similar to the ones wineries use.  A keg is obviously a stainless steel cylinder.

If you like low alpha acids or “yeasty” beers you’ll probably opt for a cask.

Hop Heads will want kegs.  Of course a cask just isn’t practical because of sanitation issues or large commercial beers.

Not sure why this is even a debate.  OF COURSE the qualities will be different but I thought the article was interesting:

LA Times Article on International Craft Brewing

Here’s the link:,0,6882506.story

A good source (Dad) let me know about an article in the LA Times relating to International Craft Beers.  I think Greg Koch has the right idea.  Rather than exporting beer from the US and dealing with the logistics of transporting a product that can potentially spoil he plans to setup shop in either Brugge or Berlin.  My guess Koch will pick Brugge because it’s the heart of Belgian style beers.  Berlin on the other hand might be too big for a brewpub (I’ve only been to Brugge).

Here’s a notable quote: “When it comes to beer, we are light-years behind the U.S., and California in particular.

Also from Koch (Founder of Sam Adams, part owner of Stone Brewing Co): “The biggest problem is that fresh, big hoppy flavor we’re known for can fade quickly if the beer isn’t stored properly or it sits too long in the distribution chain,” says Koch”

I guess what’s really interesting is that in 2004 the USDA provided a grant to help Brewers more competitive internationally.

Changed WordPress Theme… Again

New Smart Brewer Layout

The “Tools” and “Recipes” are still part of the homepage.  Just trying to make the site easier to read and use.